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Riddikulus: Contact Details

A couple of very sensible people have raised the idea of contact details for folks planning to attend the meet up this coming weekend.

Please could anybody who wants to do so email me at book_nerd AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk with contact details, and I'll send an email to everyone with the details of those who have provided them by the end of the week. Please ensure you provide me with your LJ username when you email me, so I can identify you!

I will also reply to everyone who emails me with my mobile number for those who don't already have it, so you can reach me if you need directions or want to let me know how you're getting on/confirm ETA or anything on the day.

I'll also keep an eye on my personal emails during the day if you would rather not share your mobile number, but I may be a little slower respond to avoid spending the whole event on my BlackBerry. Please note I do not have easy access to Livejournal from my mobile, so it's always easiest to reach me by personal email or text as opposed to PM.

Also, unless you would particularly like to bring a laptop or have a fest fic you're hoping to finish amidst all the excitement(!) there's nothing planned which requires laptop/online access so don't feel you have to bring things like that unless you would like to do so.


Riddikulus: Plans

I wanted to reassure those of you concerned about radio silence on next week's meet-up, that I have managed to organise something for next weekend. For those that are planning to attend, the details are below the cut. It’s supposed to be pretty flexible and very relaxed and I can’t wait to meet everyone. It would be brilliant if you could confirm whether you plan to stop by in reply to this post just so I can check I’ve got everything covered numbers wise.



11:00: Mab and I will be grabbing brunch and mimosas at Smiths (Spitalfields). If anybody would like to join us please let me know in the comments as there are bookings required for groups larger than 10.

12:30: Meet at the Water Poet. I have reserved a space for us in the Garden Dining Room which is indoors but just off the garden area. It is a private area with room for 30 people so hopefully it will be a nice balance between public bar and safe space. Please note the following:

- The room is booked under my actual, not fandom, name. Which is Emily for those who don't know. To access it you go through the main bar out into the beer garden. The room is just off the beer garden.
- The pub serves food all day. It’s the usual British pub grub fare. The menu is on the website.
- If nothing on the menu appeals, the pub is next to Spitalifields market which serves anything and everything. I promise not to be offended if you decide to pop out and grab something different for lunch, as long as a few people stick around to keep me company!
- To secure the room an advance food and drinks order was required. I have ordered the bare minimum just to make the minimum spend. Therefore on arrival you can expect jugs of juices, bottled still water, jugs of Pimms and some bottled beers. I have also ordered some chips and a couple of sandwiches to be served at 1pm. There will be enough to pick at but not enough to feed everyone so I'm sure people will want to order their own food, and you can do so during the day.
- I don't need any money for the pre-order, unless you're drinking the booze, in which case a small contribution would be much appreciated.

I haven’t planned any formal activities, because forced fun can be a bit excruciating and I’m sure people will just want to chat and catch up, but I do have a quiz up my sleeve and a couple of other ideas if there’s any interest later in the day.

Around 7pm: Taxis to mine for those that fancy it. Very chilled evening planned, with some drinks, takeaway pizza and more chat. Again, I have a few games that might be fun but I won’t force people to pin the tail on Draco if you’re happy just chilling out :D


10:00: Mab and I will be heading to The Book Club in Shoreditch for brunch. Tables can't be booked, unfortunately. Anyone that would like to join us is welcome to do so. We will probably have a wander around the area afterwards, as there are a number of pop ups, food markets and so on.

13:00: If 10am is a little too early for people, we will plan to be at Bar Kick by 13:00 so people can meet us there for drinks if they prefer. I tend to turn into a pumpkin on Sunday afternoon and I have work on Monday, so will be heading home later in the afternoon, so please do make your own supper plans. For those keen to stay in that area for supper, a couple of reasonable and tasty options I can recommend Dishoom, Boho Mexica and Pizza East but there are all sorts of places in that area.

The focus is very much just mooching around and relaxing. With work and life as it is, there simply wasn't time to take over the task of organising something with lots of convention style activities, which would have been a big undertaking, and I'm not sure it's even what everybody wanted in any event. I hope you're happy with a chilled plan of action!

Any firm plans yet?

Hello Riddikulusers! I just wondered if there were any firm plans for the Saturday or the Sunday yet? I can only come up for one day, and Mr Birds is making vague noises wondering which day he's got to do child-wrangling.

Thanks so much!

As we are all more or less coffee addicts lovers, I thought it would be nice to check out café life LONDON (An Insider's Guide to the City's Neighbourhood Cafés) and rec some locations.

The guide delivers very interesting information, I learned a lot! Did you know that many founders of London's artisan coffee bars are from New Zealand or Australia? I thought I knew a lot about coffee, but was oblivious of the New Zealand-ish and Australian influences on London's coffee scene. Now I'm curious and want to check out these artisan coffee bars!

The following cafés are located at Soho, Fitzrovia and Mayfair. Some have other locations in London which can be found on their websites.

Prufrock Coffee
23-25 Leather Lane, Clerkenwell
Tube: Chancery Lane

Why I like it: Staff are young, tattooed baristas in Converse - the Prufrockers. Don't be fooled by their laid-back disposition. Their interest in coffee goes way beyond casual curiosity. Many compete in brewing contests and they live and breathe coffee. It's a roomy, minimal space - a former sex shop - with painted brick walls and pink-painted pillars. Go for Prufrock for a caffeine-fix of the highest order and come away knowing more about coffee than you did before you set foot through the door.

Flat White
17 Berwick Street, Soho
Tube: Oxford Circus

Why I like it: This is the London caffeine den that's often credited with kick-starting the wave of Antipodean-style coffee bars in the UK. Flat White is said to recreate a slice of New Zealand in the heart of London. It isn't so much a place in which to while away an afternoon as a place to refuel with a top coffee. Service is brisk, but these guys are serious about the coffee they're making for you. At Flat White the hidden extras are in the coffee itself.

Taylor Street Baristas
22 Brook's Mews, Mayfair
Tube: Oxford Circus

Why I like it: If a coffee's not good enough to serve, the barista will make another. The same care and effort goes into the first coffee of the day as the last.

13 Ganton Street, Soho
Tube: Oxford Circus

Why I like it: Coffee history was written here: Sacred was founded in 2005 by New Zealnaders who hit on the idea of bringing gourmet coffe to London. They opened at almost exactly the same time that Flat White opened its doors a short walk away. Suddenly London had two Kiwi-owned cafés that both focussed on hihg quality, artisan-style coffee. Coffee was on the rise of what beame known as the Third Wave with a more artisan-style approach in terms of how it was sourced, presented, and tasted.

66 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia
Tube: Oxford Circus

Why I like it: Kaffeine sits comfortably among a handful of long-established, old-school cafés doing similar sandwich-style food, yet without the coffee element or service that Kaffeine's Australia founder had in mind when he was planning his venture. "What we wanted to do was focus on the food and coffee and allow customer to escpae from their world for five minutes orhalf an hour, then leave and say, right, I feel better now." In its first year of operation, Kaffeine was awared Runner-up for Best Cup of Coffee in London by London's weekly Time Out magazine.

All information given in this post is from café life LONDON. Of course I would love to get some recs from fandomers actually living in London! A personal rec is always so much better! :-)


Plan for meetup

Hello fellow riddikulusers,

so I booked my flight and I will be in London August first in the morning. I'll reach the city around 9am and would love to know if we have a location where we are meeting up. I'll drop my Luggage at Liverpool street for the day and check into the hotel that I want later that day. Anybody else staying at the travellodge Liverpool street?

I am getting excited!



Just a little reminder that if you're planning on coming to the meet-up in August, to swing by this post here and answer a couple of questions :D


Jun. 9th, 2015


For those of you who are planning to come to Riddikulus, I'm doing a bit of plotting with Writ for the event and would really appreciate it if people could let me know a few useful bits of information! Please give me answers to the following questions:

- Top three houses you would belong to (it would be really helpful if you didn't all put the same house first!)

- Top three favourite characters (The Trio, minor characters, next-gen ... whoever you fancy)

-Top three pairings

Thanks guys!


Riddikulus: 1 - 3 August

Hello folks, I'm back in the saddle with a few updates for you on the upcoming meet-up in London. It sounds as though the general consensus is for something very low-key with a safe space where people can chat to their hearts content about all things fannish. I have some thoughts/plans and these are below the cut to save your friends feeds.


Those who responded to my earlier post who I understand are planning to attend are as follows:

1. writcraft
2. mab
3. germankitty
4. nia_kantorka
5. candamira
6. vix_spes
7. amanitamuscar1a
8. olimakiella
9. rylanor (possibly 1 day)
10. birdsofshore (1 day)
11. darkravenwrote (1 day)
12. anemonen (possibly)
13. lordes (possibly)
14. sophie_french (possibly)

I believe there are other fannishly inclined folks in or around the London area, as well as others who had previously replied to earlier posts indicating that they would be keen to attend, so if there is anyone who is thinking about it whose name isn't listed, please RESPOND TO THIS POST ASAP so I can be sure that whatever I sort out in terms of general geeking out space has sufficient room for all of us to be (in)appropriately squeeful. I am currently looking for areas which seat up to 20 people, so if we go over that number I will need to know as soon as I can - it's August in London, and things are booking up fast and they aren't cheap, and some places have a 'per head' cost as opposed to a room cost so we will need to firm up numbers.

Location: I am still giving thought to location, checking availability of meeting rooms and possible spaces to spend time. Liverpool Street Station looks like it will be easily accessible from the various hotels people are staying in. The other advantage is it's on the cusp of the City which shuts down on weekends and which has a lot of meeting room space (on which, more below).

Saturday: I would suggest we plan to hire a proper meeting space somewhere close to Liverpool Street Station on the Saturday and that those that are only available for one day, plan to attend on that day. This is the best way, I think, to ensure we have a safe, uninterrupted space for the full day. I am investigating options at present but I have found several auditorium style spaces where the Day Delegate rate is £65 per head for the full day, which includes includes meeting room hire, tea/coffee and biscuits, lunch or breakfast for all delegates, unlimited still/sparkling water, whiteboard, flipchart and markers, pads and pencils, LCD projector or Plasma screen (on request) and free Wi-Fi. This might sound rather steep and as I have little idea of budgets people are on, please do let me know if this sort of cost would be off-putting and I'll look into cheaper alternatives where we simply hire a space and sort out our own food and drink. In any event, I am sure we will find a meeting space that suits all budgets - this is just an example of one of the options I have found. On the Saturday, I have a few suggestions for discussion topics and things which might be fun to do (on which, more to come) and we can do some drabbling/drawbling, just get to know one another and generally hang out.

ETA: £65 seems to be a bit pricey from earlier responses, which is fine (and understandable) so on that basis I'll focus the search on something cheaper where we source our own food/tea/coffee etc. However, I still am inclined to look for formal (and slightly corporate, apologies!) meeting space instead of a room in a bar, just to ensure we have that 'safe space', Wi-fi access and things, that will be important to people. In the comments please let me know if you concur :)

Saturday Evening: For those that fancy it, I'm happy to arrange taxis back to mine (about 10 minutes cab from Liverpool Street) for Saturday evening for a Potter themed party! We can have costumes, pizza, cocktails, HP erotica readings, and whatever else I (or anyone else) comes up with. Logisitics to be finalised nearer the time, but that will be cost neutral, save for the fact I'll probably ask folks to bring a bottle and contribute a small per head cost (around £5) for takeaway pizza (or similar) for supper. I'm happy to source the rest.

Sunday: After partying on Saturday evening, I would suggest we have a leisurely morning doing our own thing (sleeping!) and meet in the same area on Sunday and I can sort us out a table somewhere for a mid-morning brunch. We can hang out, see some of the local area (there's loads to do) and then perhaps ensconce ourselves in a pub somewhere (on the river if the weather is nice) and people can get food as and when they wish after our brunch. There really is a lot to see in that area, lots of market stalls and places to grab a quick bite and plenty of traditional East End pubs. We can see where the afternoon/evening takes us and just be pretty flexible.

Phew, okay. Lots to think about! Thoughts/comments/objections welcome. Please keep in mind I'm just one person and this isn't intended to be a formal convention so I'm trying to make the process of organising things pretty straightforward from my end too :P - if folks in the London area have better ideas for location, meeting space etc. or are happy to help me plan if the rough plan sounds good to folks, then please do shout.

Riddikulus: Further Update

I haven't been involved in organising this meet up but I plan to attend and I wanted to get the ball rolling again as I know how meeting spaces will fill up through living in central London, so I've decided to dive in and make this post.

From scrolling through earlier comments it looks as though a number of people are already booked up to come to London and it also looks as though the 'official' meet-up days will be 1 - 3 August with plenty of people still around and doing things on the other days, and the main plans set for 1 - 2 August. As I understand it this is supposed to be a chilled meet up, not a 'mini con' or anything of that nature, but it's useful to gauge what people want to get out of the event when looking at suitable locations.

If I have a sense for numbers then I can help progress booking somewhere to meet as well as sorting out a list of local restaurants so we can eat together in the evening, at least. On that basis, it would be awesome if you could respond to this post using the check in below.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions about things that might be fun to do during the meet and from that we can pull together a bit of an agenda. As noted above, this is all supposed to be pretty relaxed but if numbers allow would one or more 'chaired' meta discussions be of interest, or is that all a bit too much? Would a pub quiz float your boat (either in a pub or out of it) or some fun fandom games (like HP Tropes Charades)? Are you just anticipating a general hang out in a safe space where we can get rowdy and squeeful about fan related things? Would you like to do some timed drabbling/drawbling, some fic related challenges or something similar? I'm also happy to look into hosting film watches and things like that, but it all depends on numbers. All thoughts welcome!

London in August

Cool banner!
Have we got a preferred venue, or even area of London? Time to start booking accommodation - does anyone who's already booked want to tell us whereabouts they've gone for? At least we could all be in the same area.
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